Zebulon Backpack Buddies

BackPack Buddies

" ... because hunger doesn't take the weekend off."

Did you know that children in our community are going home to empty food cupboards? Or the only food they receive all day are the free meals at school?

One of our newer missions at Zebulon United Methodist Church is BackPack Buddies, a national grant program that provides food for the weekend to children in need. The Zebulon BPB program is part of the North East Wake Backpack Buddies program centered in Rolesville. While the program is federally funded, capital is drying up and each unit is asked to do fundraising or food drives to help ensure the continuation of the program.

Centered in the Mission House, 114 W Sycamore Street, volunteers pack weekend meals for 112 children from two elementary schools and the middle school on a weekly basis. Every Wednesday, 4-8 volunteers pack bags containing 3 canned entrees; 1 pack of cheese and crackers; a salty snack; cookies; Ramen Noodles; oatmeal; 2 individual packs of cereal; 2 fruit cups; a granola bar and 2 pieces of fresh fruit (apples or oranges). Every six weeks a small jar of peanut butter is sent home. Each bag contains about $6 worth of food products.

The following is the packing schedule:

First Wednesday 2 pm

Second Wednesday 6:30 pm

Third Wednesday 1 pm

Fourth Wednesday 6:30 pm

Every Thursday a volunteer driver takes the food bags to Wakelon Elementary, Zebulon Elementary and Zebulon Middle school. BPB works closely with the school counselors to ensure that we are helping the most children we can within our financial constraints.

The Zebulon BPB program can always use volunteers (approximately 1-2 hours per month during the school year). Also, if your workplace, civic organization, neighborhood, or Girl/Boy Scout group etc. would like to conduct a food drive for the benefit of BPB, or need a speaker for your civic organization please contact: Sue Kiley White, 919-559-1098 or skwhite517@gmail.com.


There is no cost to ZUMC for this program, we only need volunteers!!