Farmer FoodShare

Zebulon Farmers Fresh Market (ZFFM)-The Town of Zebulon and Farmer FoodShare reached out to the Zebulon United Methodist Church (ZUMC) Food Pantry team to discuss the Zebulon Farm Fresh Market with us. The Town of Zebulon is aware of ZUMC Food Pantry, BackPack Buddies, Brown Bag Lunch and Meals on Wheels Ministries and we were recruited to team with them in a wonderful program for the food insecure people from Zebulon and the surrounding communities.

Zebulon Farm Fresh Market (ZFFM) and Farmer FoodShare-Located at 1003 N. Arendell Ave in Zebulon. The Market will be open every Saturday from 9AM -1PM from April until October 2018 for everyone come and purchase some wonderful Farm Fresh Produce!! How does this work? People visiting the Zebulon Market may also choose to purchase and donate produce to be distributed at the ZUMC Pantry or they may make a cash donation at this table. The cash will be used to purchase produce at the ZFFM. All produce is then distributed at the ZUMC Pantry. Please support the food insecure people in our community by visiting the Farmers FoodShare Tent.

If you have questions or would like to volunteer please contact Terri Moore